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Welcome to my new, improved recipe page. This has been a long time in coming.

I've loved cooking for more than thirty years. It was an adventure at age 10, a special endeavor at 12, a survival method (and a means of getting invited to the girls' dorm) during college, and an art form since then.

I started storing my recipes on the web in 1992, about twenty years ago. They were quick and easy bookmarks for my own use. My personal use expanded to include friends; a link would be sent when friends asked for a recipe, or links would be sent to friends to ask them what they would like me to cook.

My list of recipes grew, as I explored different cuisine, and acquired more technique. By some surprise, I found that large numbers of people were using my page; I first discovered this when I received a set of knives in the mail, which I had won because an anonymous person had submitted one of my recipes to a contest. I got thanks and requests by email, and was (after I put a Paypal link on the pages) occasionally treated to coffee.

But the old page was . . . old. Scores of recipes badly needed editing, and all had been hacked in raw html that was still appropriate for early 90s sensibilities. For the past ten years, I kept telling myself that I would eventually modernize the site.

Twenty years after it was first introduced, the site has been revamped. The new site is searchable, has a cleaner look and feel, and adds a host of features.

Some recipes that were not up to par were cut. Some recipes, that I was shocked to realize were not already up, were added. All were edited and improved.

Thanks to two people. Giuliana started it, by making me think about my recipes and Drupal at the same time. Sharon is finishing it, by doing a serious edit of all of the pages as they get transferred over and added.

I hope that you like the new site. I do.

--Scott David Gray, Friday February 10 2012