Yuca Frita

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  • oil for deep frying
  • 1 yuca (cassava) root
  • kosher salt
  • butter
  • one onion, sliced thin and separated into rings
  • potato starch
  • Wondra-style "instant" flour
  • spices: salt, black pepper, dried mustard, paprika, white sugar
  • lime juice

Heat oil to about 350 degrees Fahrenheit in a deep fryer.

Peel the yuca root. Cut into several medium-large pieces 1-3 inches each side). Remove the stringy core from the yuca.

Put the yuca pieces into a large pot and cover with water. Add kosher salt. Bring to a boil, reduce heat and simmer for another 20-30 minutes (it should be easy to pierce the yuca with a fork).

Place a large pan over medium heat, and melt butter. Add the onion, and cook, tossing occasionally.

Place potato starch and Wondra-style flour into a bag, in roughly equal proportions. Add kosher salt and spices to taste.

After the yuca have finished boiling, cool them in cold water, pat them dry and cut into slightly smaller pieces.

Put the yuca pieces into the bag of flour to coat. Shake them about.

Draw the breaded yuca pieces out individually, and put them into the pre-heated deep fryer. Fry to golden brown. Remove from oil, and pat dry.

Toss the yuca into the butter with the now-browned onions. Stir. Try to remove excess oil with towels.

Add kosher salt and spices to taste. Add lime juice to taste.

Remove from heat. Serve immediately.

Serves: about 5 (with hot sauce or condiments of your choice)

Preparation time: about 75 minutes