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Is there a more perfect vegetable? Aromatic, sweet, with deep flavors. It is hardy, can be subtle or strong, and forms the basis of almost every meal. If you have chosen to spend any time with my recipes, I probably don’t have to convince you of the awesomeness of the onion. So, I’ll get down to business:

Here are some recipes of mine that use onions (67 at this writing).

Do onions make your eyes water?

Forget chewing on bread (worthless). Forget refrigerating the onion (counter-productive depending on what you are doing with them and how quickly you need them). Forget underwater -- that sounds like an invitation to cutting oneself.

Light a candle, and keep it near where you cut. The fire will oxidize the chemicals from the onion, so the onion won’t affect you. Or wear a diving mask, and let the other people in the kitchen laugh at you.

How about dicing onions?

Here is your best bet. Chop the top off. Peel the skin back and remove, leaving the root intact at the bottom. Place the onion root-side-down, and use a large sharp knife (I like to use my Santoku, but a chef’s knife or utility knife is great, too).

Chop straight down all the way across the onion, as far as you can without actually cutting the onion through, from one side of the onion to the other. Cut many lines parallel to this one, just as deep, so you have scored the onion all the way across. Turn your onion 90 degrees (1/4 turn), with the root still at the bottom, and cut crosshatch going the other direction. At this point turn the onion on its side and cut -- it will fall apart into neat little onion squares. You’re done.