Is there a more perfect vegetable? Aromatic, sweet, with deep flavors. It is hardy, can be subtle or strong, and forms the basis of almost every meal. If you have chosen to spend any time with my recipes, I probably don’t have to convince you of the awesomeness of the onion. So, I’ll get down to business:

Here are some recipes of mine that use onions (67 at this writing).

Do onions make your eyes water?

Forget chewing on bread (worthless). Forget refrigerating the onion (counter-productive depending on what you are doing with them and how quickly you need them). Forget underwater -- that sounds like an invitation to cutting oneself.

My Grandmother's Kitchen

My grandmother was a powerful woman; managing an apartment in Queens on her own (including all of the work of painting and fixing up the apartments between tenants, collections and all the rest).

We didn’t visit much, but I remember my grandmother’s kitchen from when I was a little boy. She would start preparing the day’s meal in the early morning, and would serve a perfect meal by evening.


Welcome to my new, improved recipe page. This has been a long time in coming.

I've loved cooking for more than thirty years. It was an adventure at age 10, a special endeavor at 12, a survival method (and a means of getting invited to the girls' dorm) during college, and an art form since then.

I started storing my recipes on the web in 1992, about twenty years ago. They were quick and easy bookmarks for my own use. My personal use expanded to include friends; a link would be sent when friends asked for a recipe, or links would be sent to friends to ask them what they would like me to cook.

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